#Nigeriadecides: Photos from the April 16 Presidential vote

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KANO, Nigeria–A day after Nigerians turned out for the third Saturday this month to vote in polls that many middle-aged and older voters told me were the best they had ever witnessed in their lifetimes, the country’s 73+ million voters are appearing to have split themselves along familiar lines: the mainly Muslim north largely voted for opposition favorite and former military ruler Muhammadu Buhari, while the mostly Christian south backed the “accidental incumbent” Goodluck Jonthan.

Having hopped a shared taxi this morning up north to Kano, the old Sahel trading town turned Nigeria’s second largest megacity, I’m now at work on a post from yesterday on what I saw in Kaduna–another northern city where hundreds of young men chanting “we need change!” celebrated in the streets after their candidate, Buhari, was declared the winner at a key polling station in the city (more to come shortly on that story).

Until then, I’m posting a few photos I took from Saturday’s presidential vote from Kaduna, Nigeria. Stay tuned for more photos from yesterday along with my longer post on the view from the ground.

* “#Nigeriadecides” is a popular Twitter hashtag that’s handy to check out if you’re following this year’s critical Naija polls.

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Maggie Fick is an American freelance journalist in Juba, Southern Sudan, reporting for the Associated Press and others. Her views alone are expressed here.
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