Maggie Fick is an American freelance journalist who has lived in Juba, Southern Sudan since October 2009. She reports for Associated Press on Southern Sudan, and her work has appeared in the Washington Post, the Boston Globe, and the Los Angeles Times, among other American newspapers. Maggie has also contributed to online outlets including ForeignPolicy.com, the Guardian Weekly and theMonocle.com.

Prior to working as a journalist, Maggie worked on and in Southern Sudan as a researcher, analyzing and writing about political and security dynamics for the Washington-based Enough Project. Before joining Enough in 2008, Maggie was a U.S. Fulbright Scholar in Niger, where she researched the role of women in urban and rural Tuareg society.

Maggie holds a Bachelor’s degree in international relations from Pomona College, is fluent in French, and has traveled extensively in West and East Africa. She hails from Bainbridge Island, near Seattle, Washington. Before moving to Juba, she enjoyed riding her bike; now she rides on the back of a “boda boda” (a motorcycle taxi).

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  1. jeffrey says:

    Nice story on Tanginye the other day. What’s your email address? best, Jeffrey Fleishman, Los Angeles Times

    • Maggie Fick says:

      Thanks Jeffrey. Best, Maggie

    • Mike Johnson says:

      Just caught up to your posts after catching the one on Renk Town. (I have “friends” in this area and was looking for information about the region.) Your dispatches are great-especially for those of us starved for news. Of course, the current crisis is driving the news cycle, but remember there are some of us out there who are interested in the people, whatever they decide next month. Please continue to report on their lives, how they live, what they eat, what they aspire to. So far, you’re on the right track, don’t let some over-fed editor in USA decide what should be published about your corner of the world.

      All the best, Mike

  2. Lizette says:

    Hi Maggie I sent you a letter on your email have a wonderfull day and enjoy what you are doing

  3. Pierre Englebert says:

    You rock, Maggie! Keep it up. Pierre

  4. Hi there Maggie,
    I enjoy reading your articles. I recently found about your site through a Google search as I was searching for some articles on Dinka Bor wrestling. Since that day, I’ve been a fan. Keep up the good work and God bless you for keeping the world informed about the situation in Sudan.

  5. lbw says:

    I am trying to get your email address to write to you in finding out information on the elections coming up in Juba, South Sudan. Thanks.

  6. I wanted to let you know about America Abroad’s latest public radio program, Splitting Sudan, which is now online. This program focuses on the upcoming referendum for independence in South Sudan with field reports and expert analysis from the US and abroad.

    America Abroad is a monthly program that airs on more than 200 NPR stations nationwide and is dedicated to informing the public about critical international issues.

    I hope you find the information interesting and welcome your comments and links to the program. Thank you in advance.

    Javier Barrera

  7. lizette says:

    Hi Maggie I hope you will have a absolutely wonderful year and that the new year will be with more challenges than 2010. Thanks for the updates and your articles

  8. Kaj Hasselriis says:

    Hey Maggie! We met at the Queen of Sheba restaurant in Juba a few weeks ago. I’m writing an article for the Canadian newsweekly Maclean’s about cow dowries and I just came across your post about it. It gave me good info, like the fact that the name Mabior means “white bull”. The Sudanese-Canadian guy I interviewed for my story is named Mabior, so I’ll definitely mention that in the article. Thanks! Hope to see you again sometime.

  9. Peter Chilson says:

    Hi Maggie, I am reading your reports about Sudan. Well done!

    Be Safe!

    Peter Chilson

  10. Great work Maggie. Be safe girl.

  11. Peter says:

    Hello Maggie,

    Am sure you had a blast in Nigeria. We never got to meet for that drink however. Well hope to catch up with you soonest.

    Wishing you the best,

    Peter NKANGA (NEXT)

  12. here says:

    I enjoy your wordpress design, where did you get a hold of it?

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